LEAH NEW YORK is a three-generation family business with her grandparents and parents over 70 years of running and working in every facet of fashion, ranging from retail to luxury furs, customized tailoring and garment manufacturing. 

With their collective expertise and support, Leah Kim, the founder and head designer, launched her own contemporary womenswear brand in New York where she graduated the Fashion Institute of Technology with BFA. The idea of creating an eponymous brand came to her while she continued her study in Milan, Italy, which lead her to gaining more experience in working for mainstream and private fashion brands before the launch.

The core aesthetics of the brand is to make girls feel comfortable while look chic, which express dual personality- masculine sharpness through expert tailoring and feminine softness through minimal draping, which gives a definitive edge to the whole look.

Her muse is a creation of uptown taste with a downtown vibe. Her wardrobe is one fine marriage between the two contrasting and evolving definitions of timeless classics and contemporary must-haves. Leah's looks effortlessly provide a charming neutral ground for the girls migrating between both uptown and downtown in a metropolis like New York City.